Top 10 Natural Pest Control Methods

Natural Pest Control Methods Which You Can Try

Natural Pest Control Methods

Mosquitos, flies and wasps are just some of the irritating pests that invade our living spaces. If that isn’t bad enough, they can also transmit diseases. If you don’t want to cover your home with harmful chemicals that are also bad news for the environment, use natural insect repellents. They are safe, eco-friendly and economical.

There are lots to choose from, so to help you, we’ve rounded up our top ten natural pest control methods to rid your home and garden of creepy crawlies.



While many humans enjoy the taste and aroma of garlic (unless they’re kissing), bugs cannot stand the pungent odour. The spicy vegetable is also toxic to some species such as pea aphids and some caterpillars. A recipe for a simple homemade natural garlic pesticide is to peel and crush two bulbs of garlic and add to half a cup of water then let it settle overnight. In the morning, strain the mixture and put it in a spray bottle. Then you’re good to go.


Coffee Grounds

You love to wake up to the smell of fresh coffee, not so mosquitoes. The strong scent of used coffee grounds works well as a mosquito repellent. Some studies have shown they can even kill off growing mosquito larvae. Instead of throwing coffee grounds away after making a delicious brew, sprinkle them in bodies of still water near your house, such as puddles. This will make these environments mozzie-unfriendly.

coffee grounds


A cucumber is a natural insect repellent that keeps ants away. They do not like the smell of cucumber peel which contains a chemical (trans-2-nonenal) that is toxic to a type of fungi ants feed on. Simply leave cucumber slices in strategic places around the home such as near cracks or other entry points.



Basil is not only a culinary hero that enlivens meals and salads, but it is also a powerful insect repellent that wards off flies and mosquitos. The herb emits a strong aroma, so there is no need to crush leaves or make any preparations. Just plant in containers and leave next to doors and windows and the insects will stay away. You can also place plants near standing water because they are toxic to mosquito larvae.


Neem Oil

Neem oil is a 100% natural, vegetable oil derived from the fruits and seeds of the neem tree (Azadirachta indicia) that’s endemic to the Indian subcontinent. This natural insect repellent has been used for centuries to deter insects and mites such as cockroaches, moths, termites, snails and aphids.

To make a batch, mix warm water with a little soap then slowly add the neem oil while stirring vigorously. Then pour the mix into your spray bottle. Once ingested by insects, an active ingredient in the oil disrupts their hormone systems making it more difficult for them to grow and mature.

Natural Pest Control Methods Which You Can Try

Citrus Smells

Lemons have many uses such as a beauty aid, stain remover and antiseptic. The citrus fruit is also a powerful, effective and cheap way to get rid of unwanted pests in the home. Make a spray with juice, use essential oils or place slices of peel in parts of your house where insects are frequently seen. Another option is to rub peels into surfaces where insects congregate. You can also use orange and grapefruit peels. A bonus is your house will smell lovely with all those citrus scents.



Insects will flee like a bat out of hell when they get a whiff of cinnamon because they really don’t like the smell. Nor do they like the feel of powdered cinnamon. There are many ways you can use the cinnamon as a natural insect repellent. For example, glue cinnamon sticks around plant pots and grate a cinnamon stick and sprinkle it around the home.


Mint Leaves

Wave goodbye to moths by placing a handful of dried mint leaves in a sachet and hanging it in a wardrobe. Other options include making an insect repellent spray with dried mint leaves. Boil a half cup of water with a spoonful of the leaves. Let the concoction cool for a couple of hours, strain the leaves then add the liquid to a spray bottle.



A sure-fire way of getting rid of spiders from your home is with peppermint. Pour a few drops of peppermint oil into a spray bottle, add a dash of soap and fill with water. Shake the bottle well and spray around doors, windows and dark corners where spiders tend to lurk.

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Eucalyptus Oil

If you want to create a fry-free zone, all you’ve got to do is apply a few drops of eucalyptus essential oils to a cloth and leave it in areas that are usually plagued by flies.

Natural Pest Control Methods Really Works

As you can see, it is very easy to ward off irritating and harmful pests the natural way.


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