About Us

At Guard Pest Control, we specialise in every area of pest management and control. This includes pest inspections to identify the culprits and track down their location within a property, as well as building inspections to ascertain what kind of damage results from the infestations.

Our pest control team is also skilled at suggesting the very best pest control measures, like baiting stations – which we manage on an ongoing basis for you.

We can also perform tenting and exterminations alongside preventative treatments, like chemical and physical barriers.

Guard Pest Control is a proactive team dedicated to customer service. We serve commercial, industrial, and residential properties.

We perform once-off inspections, we provide reports, and we manage ongoing care. Each technician in our team is qualified and well-practiced with the most stringent safety measures.

Our trained staff embers are familiar with the breeding habits and the risk factors associated with each common household pest in Australia.

We know where to seek them out and how to combat them. This means we can promise customer satisfaction alongside a perfectly safe and pest-free property.

We service the entire Gold Coast region, and, being a local company, we understand the pests that commonly affect this area.

The high humidity levels, the natural landscapes, and the plentiful rivers create the perfect breeding grounds for a number of pests. We specialise in treating all of Australia’s common household pests, for example;


Termite barriers

Australia is a high-risk part of the world for termites. The temperate climate, the plentiful rain, and the amount of wood create the perfect environment for termites.

Termite barriers prevent subterranean termites from burrowing beneath your buildings to enter and cause destruction.

There are chemical barriers, which make use of a toxin to repel and poison termites. There are also physical barriers that simply prevent termites from entering.


Australian cockroaches

Cockroaches are also a common issue in Australia, they are especially problematic the closer you get to the coast. They thrive in humid conditions.

Cockroaches pose a threat to homes and businesses. In business, they can threaten your health and safety ratings. In the household, they spread dangerous diseases through the bacteria they carry.


Ticks and fleas

Homes with pets are often at higher risk of tick and flea infestations. However, both of these pests can survive for significant periods of time without food.

In fact, ticks only need to feed every few years and will simply stay the same size if they don’t feed. This means that a house that has been vacant for years will have a sudden infestation as soon as new inhabitants arrive.