Pest Control Brisbane Southside

Pest control in Brisbane Southside requires knowledge of the area and its typical pests. While many homeowners wait until they see signs of pests before they have an inspection, we recommend an annual inspection.

This will give you a headstart, enabling you to combat any existing pests earlier. Pest prevention is crucial, especially in high-risk termite environments.

An area that is considered high-risk for termite infestations is warm, humid, and rich in rotting wood which sustains termites. We offer every aspect of prestige pest control services – from pest and building inspections through to preventative care, exterminations, and treatments.


Brisbane Southside has a population of approximately 7,196 people. The tourist industry in the area is lively, with its annual festivals, concerts, and events attracting people from around the world.

Grey Street and Little Stanley Street tend to be the hive of activity with their boutiques, restaurants, and cinemas. One of the biggest family attractions in the area is the Queensland Maritime Museum.

It boasts some truly impressive displays including retired vessels, a lighthouse, a double story building dedicated to maritime history and displays, as well as a library and a dry dock.


Cockroach Control

Cockroaches continue to wreak havoc in Australia, both in residences and on commercial properties, like factories. Cockroaches do their best to remain hidden and as a result, are often undetected until they have bred, growing in number and quietly spreading disease.



Termites are considered a major threat to building in Australia. As such, a pest inspection has become mandatory as part of a property sale. It is crucial to keep up with inspections.

Termites, particularly subterranean termites, burrow under the ground, entering your home stealthily where they quietly cause destruction.


Bed Bugs

Bed bugs often have a shameful connotation attached to them. The truth is that bed bugs are not associated with dirt or a lack of cleanliness, they can hide in the clearest of hotel rooms. They feed on human blood, as such, a dirty versus a cleanroom is of no concern to them.


Fleas and Ticks

Fleas and ticks are typically associated with pet ownership. The truth is that anyone can develop a problem with these pests because they feed on blood.

A tick will typically survive for years without feeding, waiting patiently for a victim. Only once it has fed will it grow.

Fleas breed in carpeting, curtain, sofas and other soft items around the home. Only once they reach adulthood do they become apparent.


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