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Expert Pest Technicians and Building Inspectors in Brisbane

When you are buying or selling a property you need to know the condition inside and out. If you’re a seller, knowing the state of a home and whether there are any issues with it will help you come up with a reasonable price.

Meanwhile, if you’re a buyer you need to know exactly what your money is going to get you. There could be thousands of dollars’ worth of damage lurking beneath a fresh coat of paint and polished floors. As the old saying goes, you should never judge a book by its cover.

About Our Service

At Guard Pest Control company, our professional building and pest inspectors conduct comprehensive investigations of homes from the foundations to the roof. We can potentially save you a lot of money by bringing faults and problems to your attention sooner rather than later.

Our inspectors are licensed, insured and fully qualified to carry out inspections. We use advanced equipment and offer competitive pricing, so you’ll get excellent value for money. Once the inspections are completed we’ll provide you with an easy to understand report within 24 hours. It will cover any issues we may find allowing you to reach informed decisions.

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Our Comprehensive Approach

Following this process allows potential buyers to make a fully informed purchase decision based on objective, expert building and pest inspection services.

  1. Schedule the inspection – Before finalizing your purchase contract, schedule a professional building inspection to identify any defects or problem areas.
  2. Examines the property – The inspector will thoroughly examine the building’s roof exterior, structure, electrical, plumbing, and other key systems. They look for presence of termites, decay, leakage, faulty workmanship, or code violations.
  3. Communication – After completing their inspection, the inspector provides a detailed report summarizing their findings, with supporting photos and evidence. They note any repairs and recommendations needed to meet building standards and codes.
  4. Review – Carefully review the building report, making note of any necessary repairs. Use the findings to inform purchase negotiations and contract terms.
  5. Optional termite inspection – For evidence of termite activity in the structure, you may choose to have a separate wood destroying insect inspection. This thorough inspection will check for signs of termite damage.
  6. Ensure repairs are done – Before finalizing the purchase, ensure all agreed upon maintenance repairs and corrections from the inspection report(s) have been satisfactorily completed and inspected.

Keep copies of all inspection reports as evidence of the property’s condition at the time of purchase. This provides helpful documentation going forward.

Why Hire a Professional Building Inspector?

Among the reasons to carry out building inspections are to:

  • Spot illegal additions that may not have had council or building approvals.
  • Check that the property is structurally sound.
  • Locate any possible water damage such as leaking pipes, rotting floorboards and swelling walls.
  • Uncover active infestations. For example, there could be hidden colonies of termites silently feasting on a home’s wooden structures without anyone realising it.
  • Find any termite or other pest damage.
  • Prevent problems from becoming major catastrophes.
  • Help you address concerns.

What’s included in the report?

The inspection report for a house, apartment, or other real estate investment property provides essential details for buyers, builders, and real estate agents. The thorough report includes:

  • photos documenting the property’s construction and current condition.
  • notes details about the ceilings, floors, walls, electrical, plumbing, roof, foundation, and more.
  • findings on the property’s structure, systems, and workmanship.
  • full knowledge of the property, protects builders, and gives agents key details for relaying to clients.

The report turnaround is prompt after the inspection’s completion.

Having these documented details on the property’s condition ensures all parties are aware of essential information and protects everyone’s rights in relation to the builder and real estate transaction. The inspection report plays a crucial role for all involved.

How Are We Different

  • Economical yet Quality Services
  • A decade of experience in building industry
  • Friendly and Professional Staff and Technicians
  • Hassle-Free Protection with Warranty
  • Qualified Timber Pest Inspectors
  • Custom Solutions for Your Business and Industry
  • Powerful, Customized Solutions
  • Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

What We Offer

  • Commercial Pest Control
  • Industrial Pest Control
  • Extensive Building and Pest Inspections In and Around the Property
  • Quarterly/Semi-Annual/Annual Inspections and Treatments
  • Inspection for Single-Family and Multi-family Residences
  • Reports Written Same Day as Inspections

Service Locations

  • Brisbane Metro
  • Brisbane Northern Suburbs
  • Brisbane Eastern Suburbs
  • Brisbane Southern Suburbs
  • Brisbane Western Suburbs
  • Ipswich & Surrounding Suburbs
  • Toowoomba & Surrounding Suburbs
  • Sunshine Coast
  • Gold Coast
  • Queensland
  • Adelaide

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the typical price range of your service in Brisbane?
Prices typically range from $250 – $500 depending on the size and area of the property. Standard inspections cover all accessible areas.

What does a pest inspection include?
A pest inspection checks for evidence of termites, wood decay, and other pests. It covers both the interior and exterior of the property.

How long does it take?
Most inspections take 2-3 hours for a standard single story house. Larger properties may take longer.

Clients Reviews

“Guard Pest Control was professional and thorough during my home’s recent pest inspection. Their report gave me valuable peace of mind before purchasing. I’d highly recommend their 5 star services.” – Sarah D., Fortitude Valley

“Their technicians are efficient and knowledgeable about our home. Pricing is very reasonable.” – Mark and Joanne T., Oxley

“I was impressed with the level of detail in their report. They explained all findings to me in laymen’s terms. Money well spent!” – Daniel C., Mount Gravatt

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