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Utilizing proven treatments for your properties


Purchasing a new home may be the biggest investment you’ll ever make. Protecting your home from unwelcome pests is the first step in ensuring that this investment is taken care of properly.

These pests can cause some serious damage to your property and can also transmit disease to the people living in it.

Guard Pest Control offers the best pest management services in Toowoomba and the rest of the South East Queensland region.

Utilizing an ecologically-sensitive approach in our treatments, our team offers the pest prevention and removal services in the area. With our tested and proven pest treatments procedures, we are confident that we have the solution to meet your every needs.

Our certified pest removal professionals are in the forefront of our company. This is why we put special attention to our employees’ education and training. With their knowledge, training, and years of experience, we identify and implement the most appropriate actions to maximize our pest treatments. 

We have solutions that work! Nevertheless, with our customers’ satisfaction in mind, we are constantly on the lookout for innovative ways to improve our customer service and pest treatments.

If you are interested for pest prevention or pest treatment services, contact our team today. We promise to meet your needs and surpass your expectations with exceptional service at a reasonable price.


Pests We Treat

  • Termites
  • Mice
  • Cockroaches
  • Wasps
  • Moths
  • Rats
  • Bed bugs
  • Ants
  • Silverfish
  • Spiders


Services We Offer

  • Residential Pest Control Toowoomba
  • Commercial Pest Treatment Toowoomba
  • Pest Inspections Toowoomba
  • Building and Pest Inspections Toowoomba
  • Termite Control Toowoomba


About Toowoomba

Toowoomba is a regional city in the Toowoomba Region, Queensland, Australia. The city is 90 minutes away from Brisbane City. It crowns the edge of the Great Dividing Range 700 metres above sea level, overlooking the Lockyer Valley. With a population of 136,861 (as of June 2018), Toowoomba is the second most populous inland city in the country. There are more than 150 public parks and gardens in Toowoomba and it’s nicknamed Queensland’s Garden City. The city is renowned for hosting the Carnival of Flowers. It is an annual celebration held each year in September. Toowoomba also hosts First Coat Art and Music Festival every May and the Food and Wine Festival which happens every year at Carnival of flowers time.


Areas of Service

We are with you on keep your family and property safe from pests all year round. With totally effective treatments for removal and prevention, our team will solve your pest issues in no time. Our cost-effective pest protection comes in single and multiple treatments. They are guaranteed to be customized for your specific needs. form of protection that we offer. Choose the Guard Pest Control team and all your pest problems in your Toowoomba home will be ours to solve. We provide service in the following areas:

  • Centenary Heights
  • Cotswold Hills2
  • Cranley
  • Darling Heights
  • Drayton
  • East Toowoomba
  • Glenvale2
  • Harlaxton
  • Harristown
  • Kearneys Spring
  • Middle Ridge
  • Mount Kynoch
  • Mount Lofty
  • Newtown
  • North Toowoomba
  • Prince Henry Heights
  • Rangeville
  • Redwood
  • Rockville
  • South Toowoomba
  • Toowoomba City 
  • Torrington2
  • Wilsonton



Contact Us

A single pest sighting could be just that. Or it could be more. If you think you may have the slightest pest infestation, start looking around for entry points in your home. But if you want to have peace of mind, don’t hesitate contact our team. We are more than capable to ensure your home is pest-free.  Call our team to schedule your free pest inspection.

07 3063 4040.