Building and Pest Inspections

Building and Pest Inspections Brisbane

When you are buying or selling a property you need to know the condition inside and out. If you’re a seller, knowing the state of a home and whether there are any issues with it will help you come up with a reasonable price.

Meanwhile, if you’re a buyer you need to know exactly what your money is going to get you. There could be thousands of dollars’ worth of damage lurking beneath a fresh coat of paint and polished floors. As the old saying goes, you should never judge a book by its cover.

Among the reasons to carry out building and pest inspections are to:

  • Spot illegal additions that may not have had council or building approvals.
  • Check that the property is structurally sound.
  • Locate any possible water damage such as leaking pipes, rotting floorboards and swelling walls.
  • Uncover active infestations. For example, there could be hidden colonies of termites silently feasting on a home’s wooden structures without anyone realising it.
  • Find any termite or other pest damage.
  • Prevent problems from becoming major catastrophes.
  • Help you address concerns.

There are many benefits of a combined building and pest inspection. They include receiving a full assessment of the property in question and saving money by having two inspections at the same time.

At Guard Pest Control, our professional building and pest inspectors conduct comprehensive investigations of homes from the foundations to the roof. We can potentially save you a lot of money by bringing faults and problems to your attention sooner rather than later.

Our inspectors are licensed, insured and fully qualified to carry out inspections. We use state-of-the-art equipment and offer competitive pricing, so you’ll get excellent value for money. Once the inspections are completed we’ll provide you with an easy to understand report within 24 hours. It will cover any issues we may find allowing you to reach informed decisions.


How Are We Different

  • Economical yet Quality Services
  • Friendly and Professional Staff and Technicians
  • Hassle-Free Protection with Warranty
  • Custom Solutions for Your Business and Industry
  • Powerful, Customized Solutions

What We Offer

  • Commercial Pest Control
  • Industrial Pest Control
  • Extensive Building and Pest Inspections In and Around the Property
  • Quarterly/Semi-Annual/Annual Inspections and Treatments
  • Inspection for Single-Family and Multi-family Residences
  • Reports Written Same Day as Inspections

Where We Service

  • Brisbane Metro
  • Brisbane Northern Suburbs
  • Brisbane Eastern Suburbs
  • Brisbane Southern Suburbs
  • Brisbane Western Suburbs
  • Ipswich & Surrounding Suburbs
  • Toowoomba & Surrounding Suburbs
  • Sunshine Coast
  • Gold Coast


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